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Win Nutrition Hi-Protein Builder – The most comprehensive, effective and anabolic multi-protein blend ever!
Hi-Protein Builder is Win Nutrition’s answer for athletes who want to make sure they are not missing out on the multiple benefits different protein sources can provide. Hi-Protein Builder’s unique formula includes five different protein sources, plus added creatine, for the quickest and most effective recovery you ever had, and the most spectacular muscle development you have ever experienced!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What Is The Best Protein Of Them All?

Different protein sources come with different benefits to an athlete’s muscle recovery and subsequent development. From the protein’s amino acid profile, to its absorption rate, efficiency ratio and nitrogen balance, these are all elements that play a major part in the way protein is used by the body.

Consuming the right type of protein at the right time of the day can make the difference between having a quick and successful post-workout recovery and dreading through several days of muscle soreness and physical inactivity.

While some protein sources will start nourishing your muscle cells mere minutes after being consumed, immediately activating muscle synthesis with the amino acids you need to build new tissue, other types of protein will take a while longer to run their course through the body, activating other anabolic processes as well.

Since different proteins can help you preserve and build muscle in different ways, common sense would tell you to include a wide variety of protein sources in your diet, ensuring you get the best of them all. Fortunately, science has shown us this is precisely the best approach possible for those wishing to build muscle. Multiple studies indicate that a diet comprised of several protein sources, like Whey, Soya, Egg, and Wheat protein, produces better results in terms of lean muscle development than a diet that includes fewer types of protein.

Think of it this way: why would you choose to put all your eggs in one basket, hoping that one single protein source will be enough to cover all your needs, when you can consume several types of proteins and take full advantage of the unique muscle building benefits each of them can provide?
Be smart and don’t undermine your results by glorifying one specific type of protein, neglecting the anabolic advantages other proteins can bring you!

A Complete And Highly Anabolic Formula

Hi-Protein Builder was designed to become the best, most comprehensive and most anabolic protein formula ever! With 5 different protein sources that include Whey, Egg, Milk, Soya and Wheat protein, an impressive 85% protein concentration, and even added creatine, to boost your strength and muscle growth even further, Hi-Protein Builder is the best protein supplement ever developed for anyone who wants to put on some seriously thick and lean muscle mass.

Main Benefits
  • 5 different high quality protein sources
  • Added creatine for extra power
  • The most complete amino acid profile ever
  • 85% protein concentration
  • High in BCAAs
  • Delicious all-in-one protein solution

Note: We recommend you see a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of our product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavor.

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