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About the Win Nutrition Hi-Protein Builder

Explode past your genetic limitations and put on some seriously impressive mass!

Many athletes who work hard at the gym to build a muscular body are faced with the frustrating realization that, no matter how much they train and eat, the scale just doesn’t seem to budge.
People with a fast metabolism typically have trouble bulking up, since their body tends to use up nutrients relatively quickly.

These metabolic speed demons deal away with food too fast for the body to have the time to synthesize nutrients into new tissues.

In other words, hardgainers need more calories and an abundance of high quality nutrients to meet their caloric needs and still have plenty of nutritional elements left for their bodies to convert into muscle mass.

Eating Like A Maniac Will Surely Help Me Gain Muscle, Right? Wrong!

As many hardgainers know, simply stocking up huge piles of food on the plate will not necessarily do the trick either. But how can it be? If a guy is training hard every day and eating tons of food, hoping this rather common sense approach will help him grow, how is it possible that he’ll see no significant gains, or no gains at all?

It’s simple, really. Think of it this way: imagine you are building a house and, instead of having solid, good quality bricks to make the walls, you have nothing but a big pile of rough-edged rocks, stones, and a bunch of sticks. Lacking the right materials to build the hose, you would end up with a shaky, unstable and unsightly hut.

Figuratively speaking, this is what happens when you stuff yourself with all sorts of food, in an effort to put on some weight. Without the right nutrients in your diet, much like when it comes to building a house, your body will not have the solid blocks it needs to build muscle. At best, overeating will just make you flabby and fat, without generating any real muscle – which is precisely what you DON’T want to happen!

Nutrition Specifically Designed For Explosive Growth

If you want to develop some really spectacular mass, but you are struggling against a metabolism that processes food faster that a woodchipper turns trunks into splints, you need the right nutrients, in the right amounts. And that’s exactly what Hi-Mass Gainer will give you.

First, you need high quality, complete protein. Protein is to muscles what bricks are to houses. It is the fundamental building blocks that the body breaks down into amino acid peptides, and then uses them to synthesize into muscle fibre. Hi-Mass Gainer’s formula is composed of several types of protein of superior biological value, creating a highly anabolic aminogram that includes all eight Essential Amino Acids, the three branched-Chain Amino Acids, and more that 10 grams of Glutamine per serving. This rich amino acid profile will turn your body into an efficient muscle building machine.

Then, to lay down the building bricks, you will need energy, lots and lots of energy! Carbohydrates are the human body’s preferred source of energy. Our system uses carbohydrates much like a car uses gas, it “burns” them to produce energy.

However, not all carbohydrates are the same, and you need high quality carbs to give your body a sustained energy flow, enabling you to endure hard and long workouts.
Win Nutrition’s Hi-Mass Gainer includes several type of carbohydrates, of different glycemic indexes, that will keep the energy rushing through your veins for hours straight, sustaining your strength and keeping you in an anabolic state.

Hi-Mass Gainer was designed to be so nutritionally dense that it is virtually impossible not to grow while consuming this superior next generation gainer. Packed with 56 grams of protein and almost 230 grams of carbohydrates per serving, Hi-Mass Gainer will turn you into the monster you have been training hard to become.

Stop holding back. Start growing now!


  • The most complete weight gaining solution
  • More that 50 grams of complete protein per serving
  • Several high biological value protein sources
  • High quality carbohydrates
  • More that 10 grams of Glutamine
  • 1200 nutritionally dense calories in each shake
  • 100% natural ingredients
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