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Glamine + 300g

About the Win Nutrition Glutamine

Win Nutrition Glutamine + – Win Nutrition took the incredibly anabolic power of Glutamine and has turned something good into something truly awesome!

Glutamine is one of the amino acids that make up the type of protein we usually find in food products. This particular amino acid is the most abundant in our muscle tissue, and our cells store it to preserve their structural integrity.

When we exercise, we subject our muscles to micro ruptures that actually break down muscle tissue. That’s right, you don’t develop muscle at the gym, you actually lose muscle! The good news is that the recovery process, known as hypertrophy, enables you to restore the muscle tissue you lost during exercise, and then, it adds new muscle tissue to the existing muscle. This is an adaptive process that the human body developed to ensure it is ready the next time it is subjected to a similar effort.

Scientific research shows that higher glutamine concentrations in our muscle cells help prevent the catabolism that takes place while we train. Being so prevalent in our muscle tissue, glutamine is one of the first amino acids that is broken down into energy during intense workouts. Our muscle tissue is essentially made of amino acids that were synthesized into the more complex structures that muscles are. When you start running low on glutamine, that means you will be losing more muscle too. That is why it is important to keep proper glutamine saturation levels in the cells, to prevent the catabolism caused by substantial micro ruptures in the muscle cells during intense workouts.

To enhance the muscle preserving function of glutamine, Win Nutrition created a formula that includes maltodextrin. Adding a high quality, highly bioavailable carbohydrate to the purest glutamine on the market has two highly anabolic effects: it quickly restores the glycogen storage available in the body, boosting recovery, and creates an insulin peak that quickly shuttles glutamine directly into the muscle cells.

Glutamine +, by Win Nutrition, prevents catabolism by saturating muscle cells with precious glutamine, drives glutamine into the muscles more efficiently, and supplies the muscles with high quality fuel, saving your muscles from being broken down into disposable energy.
Preserve your muscles and recover faster than ever with Glutamine +.

Win Nutrition Glutamine + highlights:
– Prevents catabolism
– Speeds up muscle recovery
– Improves sports performance
– Helps develop lean muscle mass
– Provides high quality energy
– Dual action: anabolic and energizing effect

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